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About Alice White "The Pie Lady"

Hi! I’m known as the “Pie Lady”, Alice White. I have lived in Florida since 1990 but I was born and raised in New Jersey. I love to bake pies!


I’m on a mission to introduce and re-introduce people to the taste of a REAL homemade pie. What is considered “pie” from a big-box or supermarket bakery doesn’t even come close to what a real pie should taste like.


To make the flakiest, tastiest crust, I use a combination of butter and vegetable shortening.  I then hand-roll each pie crust and flute the edges for a nice, finished presentation.


I use only the freshest ingredients available, hand-peeling or slicing fruits that are in season such as apples, mangos, or strawberries.  I NEVER use ANYTHING that comes from a can or box!



I operate under Florida's Cottage Food Law and bake these delicious pies from my home kitchen (pet-free, smoke-free).

"AMAZING, Alice --- absolutely fantastic pies!!"
" The apple pie is awesome! I fell in love with the cookies with the white chocolate and cranberries. I am so happy I called you :) "
The best banana cream pie we ever had!!!! Thanks again!
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